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How do I download/order a voucher in Graphics Editor 1.0?

A gift voucher or other graphic can be downloaded, or obtained, by adding the graphic to your basket and ordering just like in any other e-shop.

Instructions on how to order a voucher can be found here.

How do I download graphics in Graphics Editor 2.0?

You can download the graphics in the graphic editor 2.0 immediately by clicking on the button in the upper right corner “Save or download” > “Download” > “Download as image”.

You can find the pictorial instructions on this page.

How do I receive the gift voucher I have created?

Once you have created your gift voucher or other graphic, simply add it to your basket and complete your order. If you pay in advance by credit card, you will receive your graphic immediately to the email you entered in your order.

When will I receive my gift voucher?

If you want the gift voucher as soon as possible, we recommend that you select a credit card payment or other quick payment in your basket, which will be credited to our bank account immediately. This automatically pairs the payment with the order and an email is sent immediately with your graphic, where you will be able to download it in full size.

Gift voucher in PDF?

Do you want to download the gift voucher in PDF instead of PNG? This is also possible thanks to the graphic editor 1.0. Once you’ve created your graphic and successfully completed your order, just click “Download designs as PDF” in your email. For reference, if you click directly on the image or thumbnail of your design, the graphic will download as a PNG.


Dárkový poukaz v PDF

Gift voucher in PDF

How do I cancel my membership/subscription?

You can simply cancel your membership in your user account or simply email us and we will cancel it for you. No questions asked. We also recommend that you check out the tutorial with pictures on how to cancel your membership.

How to use the graphic editor 1.0?

We have prepared several video tutorials on how to use the graphical editor 1.0. Please take a look at the tutorials in the blog.

Where can I change my password?

You can have a password generated at this link.

Where can I change my password for Graphics Editor 2.0?

You can have a password generated at this link.

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