15 tips and tricks for not giving (or giving) terrible gifts

20.1.2024 | Articles

Hello dear reader! You come to the store with a vision of the perfect gift in your eyes and a determination to shine in your heart. And then… well, you end up with a ceramic frog with the expression “I’m sick” in your hand. So that you never get away with such a faux pas again, we have 15 tips for you on how to give great gifts and avoid embarrassment.

What will you learn in the article?

The article offers 15 tips on how to give the perfect gift and avoid embarrassment. Tips include, for example, the fact that consulting the recipient may not be out of the question. Furthermore, carefully choose scents and perfumes, and don’t forget personal charm or experiences. The key is to always give with love and consideration.

Žena má radost z dárku

15 tips and ideas for what to give

If you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask

It sounds simple, but how many times have we chosen what caught our eye rather than what the recipient would really want? If you’re looking for gift ideas for men, maybe ask him directly. Especially if they want something specific, such as a chainsaw.

Gift vouchers are not laziness

Gift vouchers are perfect gift ideas for women, men and the whole family if you want to leave the choice up to the recipient. But beware: a gift voucher for a fitness center might offend someone.

Think carefully about the fragrance

If you’re giving perfume, choose something neutral or ask the shopkeeper for gift ideas. You don’t want your loved one to smell like a fruity cocktail on full blast. Perhaps this is also why perfumes are among the most unwanted gifts.

“It was on sale” is not an argument

Discount events are tempting, but a gift for a few crowns can seem cheap if it is not something the recipient really wants.

Men’s socks aren’t everything

If you’re looking for gift ideas for men, socks might be on the list, but only if they’re something special. E.g. with space design.

A personal touch is welcome

A handmade gift or personalized letter will add value to the gift.

Experiences, experiences, experiences

Who wouldn’t want a hot air balloon ride or a skydive? If this is something the recipient would like to do, you’re on the right track.

Avoid controversial gifts

A political T-shirt or a book on a controversial topic? Rather not.

Smart electronics

If you are sure that the recipient will use it, then yes. Otherwise, you risk it lying in a drawer.

Never say “I didn’t know what to buy you”

This would only confirm that you didn’t try.

Get inspired online

The internet is full of ideas for gifts for the family. Whether it’s an experiential event or something you can create yourself.

Life is a change

Sometimes it’s nice to reach for something that the recipient would never buy themselves, but might love.

Decoration in moderation

If you know your mom loves angel figurines, an extra one will surely make her happy. But if he already has a thousand of them at home, maybe you should reconsider your choice.

Games and entertainment

If you’re looking for gift ideas that will please the whole family, board games are a great choice. Whether it’s Monopoly or something less familiar.

Give with love

The most important thing is your attitude. If you give something with love and thought, it will be more valuable than the most expensive diamond.

We hope that these quick tips will help you at least a little on your next visit to stores or e-shops.

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