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When you think of International Children’s Day, do you think of dolls, model cars and crunchy cookies? Or maybe you wonder if this day is a celebration of your own unwise decisions as a child? Either way, whether you’re a proud parent or just a grown-up with a kid at heart, we’ve got an article to remind you why this day is so special. Get ready for a journey through history, creative tips and a world where every day can be like a children’s party. Ready? Fasten your seat belts, we’re flying back to your childhood!

What will you learn in the article?

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Děti si hrají venku

International Children’s Day – Worksheets: For the little and… not so little

For little pirates and princesses:

International Children’s Day is here and with it new adventures! Worksheets? It may sound like school, but what if they are actually treasures waiting to be discovered? We draw by numbers and lo and behold – a dragon appeared! We connect the dots and suddenly there is a castle in front of you. So little adventurers, you are challenged: how many treasures can you discover?

Worksheets can be found here, for example:

For those who say they are adults (but we know that’s not true):

Do you still remember those days when your main mission was to match the numbers and discover the picture? When did it bother you the most when someone took your crayons? And how about celebrating this International Children’s Day with worksheets for adults? No, it’s not about filling out a tax return. Rather, imagine an adult “connect the dots and find the nearest wine bar” or “Which coffee flavor best characterizes your day today?”.

Worksheets aren’t just for school kids. They are challenges for anyone who wants to explore, draw and play. Whether you are young or old, International Children’s Day is here for you all. So take out your crayons, turn on your imagination and enjoy this day to the fullest.😊

International Children’s Day in Kindergarten

Ah, International Kindergarten Day. A place where celebrations reach new heights and kids can boldly take the reigns. Do you know what that means? Little Honzík from the corner can be the minister of entertainment today, and Anička, the one with eternally disheveled hair, the chief drawing officer.

Picture that day: decorating the classroom with happy faces, blaring the nursery rhymes you have on repeat in the car (yes, we know the feeling) and little hands dipping their faces into a bowl of water in pursuit of apples. International Children’s Day is one of the highlights of the year in Kindergarten. It’s a day when female teachers conjure up smiles that could light up the whole town.

But what are we going to talk about? Kindergarten is a place where International Children’s Day is actually every day.

Where else can you see a group of three-year-olds performing surgery on a teddy bear while another group negotiates a peace treaty over the last piece of plasticine?

If you have long left the world of kindergartens, you can be sure that in these little worlds full of laughter and joy, International Children’s Day is celebrated with full force. And if you have children who are going through this magical time, then you know that this day in kindergarten is something that they will remember for a lifetime.


10 tips for games on International Children’s Day in Kindergarten

Are you a kindergarten teacher? We have tips for games that will be a hit in kindergarten.

1. Dictator of the playground

How to play: Choose one child as the playground dictator. What is his task? Determine the rules of the game for a few minutes. They can be instructions like “We must all hop on one foot!” or “No one is allowed to speak and we must communicate through dance!”
Why it’ll be a hit: Kids love the idea of power, and this is their chance to experience what it’s like to give directions and watch others try to obey. Fun is guaranteed.

2. Jump over the bear

How to play: Place a large teddy bear (or other toy) on the floor and the children must, one by one, jump over the bear.
Why it’ll be a hit: It’s an easy way to find out who’s got a hidden Olympian in them. Plus, what fun is it to jump over a “wild” animal threat?

3. Child diplomacy

How to play: Give the children pieces of plasticine of different colors and place them around the table. Their job is to negotiate “territory” on the table and create their own “states”.
Why it will be a hit: In addition to the fun of plasticine, it teaches children to negotiate, share and cooperate with others.

4. Masks out of nothing

How to play: Each child is given a paper plate and some drawing supplies. Their task is to create their own mask – from princesses, superheroes, to space creatures.
Why it’ll be a hit: Kids love masks because they let them become someone else. And when you see other people’s creations, the fun is doubled.

5. Magic pond

How to play: Inflate a small paddling pool and fill it with water. Throw in different objects – it can be anything from rubber ducks to plastic bottles. The children then have the task of catching as many objects as possible, but with one hook – they can only use their feet.
Why it will be a hit: It’s more challenging than it looks, which can be a lot of fun for kids. At the same time, they will laugh at the comical moments when they try to catch something but fail.

6. Light trail

How to play: Use the glowing LED strips to create a winding path on the floor. The children then have to follow the light trail exactly, without deviating from it. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.
Why it’ll be a hit: Colored lights are fascinating on their own, and if you add a challenge, kids won’t be able to wait to try it out.

7. Fairy tale camp

How to play: Set up a tent or teepee in the corner of the room. Children can enter the tent and make up or tell stories.
Why it will be a hit: By having their own little corner, it will be a magical and mysterious experience for them.

8. Scientific experiment

How to play: Get some simple science kits for kids. These kits often include simple experiments that children can carry out under supervision.
Why it will be a hit: Who wouldn’t want to be a little scientist for a day? Plus, it’s a great way to combine fun and learning.

9. Dance Battle

How to play: Choose upbeat and rhythmic songs. Kids can take turns showing off their best dance moves.
Why it will be a hit: All children love music and dance. Plus, who could resist the chance to show off their dancing skills?

10. Color shooting

How to play: Give kids water guns filled with water mixed with food coloring. Prepare a large canvas and challenge the children to create a colorful work together by shooting paint onto the canvas.
Why it will be a hit: It’s a combination of art and fun! Kids can be creative and have fun with water pistols at the same time.

Pictures for International Children’s Day

You know that feeling when you’re trying to find the perfect picture for International Children’s Day, but instead of cute photos of kids with ice cream on their noses, you come across some blurry “arty” photo? No? Just me? Okay. Anyway, when International Children’s Day comes around, we all want the best pictures to represent the day in the best light.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right pictures for International Children’s Day without ending up with something that looks like it was drawn by your three-year-old nephew (although, honestly, sometimes those “works” can be pretty funny 🙂 ) .

So go ahead and find the right image to represent everything this day means to you.

You can find free images, for example, in the photo banks Pexels or Pixabay. There are hundreds of thousands of free photos. However, always be sure to check the license so you know what you can use the images for. However, mostly for personal use it’s fine.

Graphic editors where you can create graphics are e.g. Canva, Vista Create or Glorify.

What would international children’s day look like in the world?

International children’s day in the world. The day when everywhere on the planet we realize that children are actually little bosses and we adults are just their helpers. Imagine a world where children took over the government. In Germany the staple food would be Haribo gummy, in Italy it would be pizza with sweet candies instead of tomatoes and in Australia koalas would be compulsory pets in every family.

In Japan, basic education would be the art of folding Pokémon origami, while in Mexico, Taco Tuesday would be declared a national holiday with a mandatory siesta. And in Russia? There, all the children would get their own bear as a companion in the adventure. And don’t get me started on the Czech Republic, where sock day is an official holiday!

So the next time you celebrate International Children’s Day, remember what the world would be like if it were in the hands of our youngest. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 😂 But seriously now, no matter where you are in the world, this day is a reminder of how important it is to celebrate, support and inspire our children because they are the future. So have a great International Children’s Day wherever you are. 😉

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